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Make the most of your words.

Indie publishing is a business and that can be scary to arty, non-business types like me. Oak & Pine makes everything so much easier. I wouldn't publish without their beta reading services, which help me create the best book possible.  
(It's not listed on their site, but they also throw in the best cheerleading services for angsty authors!)

Color Stain
"You simply sit down at the typewriter, open your veins, and bleed."
~ Red Smith

Writing is hard, so hard it feels like we are pouring out our blood to create this thing–this poem or short story, novel or epoch. The good news is that once we type the end, we get to be done, right? Yeah, not so much.


Typing the end is never the end of your author journey. Editing, formatting, cover design, promoting, publishing, marketing... the end of any given manuscript is only the beginning of an author's work.

This is where Oak & Pine Publishing Services comes in.

While you focus on getting to the end, we are here to help you prepare for what's beyond that. From coaching you through outlines, proposals, and even manuscripts, to professional beta reading and beyond, our services are completely customizable to fit your needs. Check them out by clicking the link below!

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